This is How to Get Rid of Tattoos with Lasers and Side Effects

Removing a tattoo with a laser is often considered to be safer and more effective, compared to the method of removing skin tissue (excision) and dermabrasion. How do you get rid of a tattoo with a laser? Are there any side effects? Check out the following explanation. Laser light will be emitted with high intensity on the surface of the tattooed skin. This technique is done to break down the color of the pigment on the tattoo, so that over time it will fade. Usually black and dark blue tattoo colors will be easier to remove. Meanwhile, for tattoos that have other colors, such as green or yellow, it is more difficult to remove and may require several repetition sessions or other types of treatment to remove the tattoo. In addition, there are also some things that make tattoos difficult to remove, for example, there are no rules about the thickness of the tattoo ink used and the difference in depth of ink entering the skin surface. Laser Method for Removing Tattoos Nowadays technol
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